Tuesday, March 18, 2008

new art

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jamie said...

hi mate,
love your new art,
but... and i do apologise for the statement,and far be it for me,lol... i'm so influenced by dave dorman,you wouldn't believe it,but... you're style is taking a right leaning to being a little on the bryan hitch as inked by paul neary.
that's not a bad thing,of course... after all,bryan hitch himself admits to having swiped mercilessly from alan davis ealry in his career,so...
but you're not swiping,you have an amazing talent,but the finishing touchs are very hitch/neary-esque.
of course,you'll probably get hired because rather than in spite of that fact,lol.
goes to show what i know...
anyway,great work... i look forward to seeing more of your stuff.